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  1. 2021
  2. Hinano collectors Tatau

    Hinano beer launched this year 3 33cl collector cans on the theme of "Tatau" (tattoo). So these are the creations of 3 famous local tattoo artists (Patu, Aukara and Tuatini) that you can admire. With this new series of collectors, Hinano wanted to reaffirm its Polynesian roots and pay tribute to this ancestral art.

  3. Collectors Hinano "îles"
    En 2021, la marque Hinano lance une toute nouvelle série de collectors "îles". 6 canettes de 33cl représentant chacune une île emblématique de chaque archipel et met en avant un élément représentatif de chaque île. Ainsi, ce sont les îles de Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Ua Pou, Rurutu, Tikehau et Mangareva qui sont à collectionner pour cette première série.    
  4. 2019
  5. Hinano blanche, a beer intensely refreshing!
    This year, Hinano Tahiti completes its range with the launch of its white beer with slight notes of citrus fruits and coriander. It is available in 330ml cans, bottles and on tap.

  6. 2018
  7. Hinano Ambré a can!
    It was a recurrent request from consumers of Hinano Ambrée beer in French Polynesia: Having the opportunity to drink it in 33cl cans. It is now possible! If you come to Polynesia, try it!

  8. Hinano Grand Cru : a beer in limited edition
    This year, we brewed a special cuvée of our Hinano beer. More hopped with slight hints of citrus fruit, filtered but unpasteurized, it was only available in French Polynesia, in 75cl bottles, perfect for late year celebrations and only in 5,500 copies.

  9. 2016
  10. 5th edition of the Hinano Live
    This year, the Hinano Live changes. There are now three nights instead of two the past years for more live music.

    Visuel Hinano Live 2016 BAT finalHinano live #2 2016hl2016-3

  11. 2015
  12. 4th edition of the Hinano Live
    2 nights with 6 local groups for another successful event for Hinano.


  13. 2014
  14. Launch of the Hinano Gold

    For its 100-year anniversary, Brasserie de Tahiti has launched a new beer in july, Hinano Gold. Hinano Gold is crafted from quality malts, some of them roasted, giving its golden tones to the lager. Named after its golden color, Hinano Gold is a unique beer with 6% alcohol content.

  15. 3rd edition of the Hinano Live

    3rd edition of the Hinano Live (2 dates at the Royal Tahitien).

  16. 20,000 fans on Facebook

    In april, the Facebook page reaches 20,000 fans.

  17. 2013
  18. Launch of the 6-pack 330ml bottles

    In august, a few months after the 330ml bottle, the 6-pack 330ml bottles is launched.

  19. 2nd edition of the Hinano Live

    In april : 2nd edition of the Hinano Live (2 dates at the Royal Tahitien).

  20. 10,000 fans on Facebook

    In february, 2 years after its creation, the brand's Facebook page has already reached 10,000 fans.

  21. 2012
  22. Hinano Ambrée commercialized in 330ml bottles

    Building on the growing success of the Hinano Ambrée on tap, the beer is commercialized in 330ml bottles in october.

  23. Launch of the Hinano Ambrée

    In July 2012, Hinano expands its beer range by releasing the Hinano Ambrée on the market, a beer with a more intense color, wonderfully rich in flavours, full-bodied, with an alcohol content of 5.5%. At first, this beer is only available on tap in French Polynesian bars and restaurants.

  24. 1st Hinano Live edition

    1st Hinano Live edition in may. The objective of this event is to promote the best local bands of the moment through a series of concerts. 4 dates are on offer in 4 sales outlets in Tahiti and 1 in the islands.

  25. First music special edition cans

    April 2012, launch of the first “Musique” (Music) special edition in 330ml and 6-pack cans.

  26. 2011
  27. 500ml can now in “End of Year Festivities” special edition

    The 500ml can gets its first “End of Year Festivities” special edition.

  28. Lauch of the official Facebook page

    In march 2011, Hinano becomes part of the first global social network: Facebook. In doing so, the brand confirms its interest in the web and its determination to get closer to its local, as well as international fans.

  29. 2010
  30. Launch of the 330ml can dispenser
    Launch of the 330ml can dispenser. A convenient, space-saving way to keep 12 x 330ml cans in the fridge.
  31. Launch of a new advertising campaign
    Launch of the “Polynésienne par nature” (Polynesian by nature) advertising campaign – 4 different pictorials.
  32. 2009
  33. First “End of Year Festivities” special edition can
    First “End of Year Festivities” special edition can (330ml), also available in 6-packs.
  34. New box packagings

    New 6-can packs in a printed film packaging (available in 330ml and 500ml) and 24-bottle pack (330ml) in a four-color cardboard box packaging.

  35. 2008
  36. First “End of Year Festivities” special edition 500ml bottle

    First “End of Year Festivities” special edition 500ml bottle.

  37. Launch of the bottle Icepack

    Launch of the 12 x 330ml bottle Icepack. Forget the ice chest to keep your beers cold, all you need to do is put some water and ice in the specially designed packaging. You’ll have cold beers in 15 minutes!

  38. 2007
  39. Launch of the “Hinano, la fraîcheur des bons moments” advertising campaign (Refreshing good times with Hinano)

    7 different pictorials were designed specifically for this campaign: "Hope te au", "Manuia te tautai", "Manuia" and 4 "Haere Mai" pictorials.


  40. 2006
  41. New label

    New label: stars are added above the motu, the blue background turns midnight blue and the stars and motu turn silver.

  42. New packaging

    New packaging: the white can disappears in favour of the blue aluminium can and the black label text is adorned with a longneck pictorial.

  43. 2005
  44. Special 50-year packaging designs

    New packaging designs are released on the market for the brand's 50-year anniversary.

  45. 50-year big contest

     Directed at consumers, this big contest has many prizes on offer, including a poti marara (fishing boat).

  46. "Oe Hinano" song competition

    For Hinano, celebrating 50 years also means reconnecting with its past. A "Oe Hinano" song competition is organized. The principle is simple: delivering the best adaptation of Yves Roche's mythical song (on Alain Mottet's original theme).

  47. Celebrating the brand's 50-year anniversary

    To celebrate Hinano's 50-year anniversary, a communication campaign entitled "50 ans ça se fête" (50 years is a celebration) is launched, and several events are planned. An exhibition is organised at the Papeete Town Hall. Visitors can relive the highlights of the Vahine brand's first 50 years.

  48. 2003
  49. The end of the sports sponsorship

    In French Polynesia, a new law prohibits liquor brand sponsorships for sports events. Hinano cannot sponsor the famous Billabong Pro Tahiti surf competition or the Hawaiki Nui Va'a outrigger canoe race anymore.

  50. 2001
  51. All the production activities on the Punaruu site

    All the production activities and packaging of beers, soft drinks, fruit juices and Premium water are consolidated on the Punaruu site.


  52. 2000
  53. First "Heiva" collector can

    In-keeping with the values of the Hinano beer - a festive and friendly spirit - the Hinano introduces the first Heiva special edition 330ml can.

  54. A screen-printed special edition for the new millenium

    To celebrate the transition into the new millenium, a screen-printed special edition 330ml bottle is introduced on the Polynesian market.

  55. 1999
  56. First Gotcha Pro Tahiti special edition
    The first Gotcha Pro Tahiti special edition 330ml can marks the arrival of Hinano in the surfing world. By sponsoring this step of the world tour, it gains a better global exposure.
  57. Sponsor for the Hinano Surf Tour

    Sponsor for the Hinano Surf Tour.

  58. 1998
  59. Launchof the 330ml "Longneck" bottle

    A new bottle format is launched on the market: the 330ml "longneck". In order to revamp its brand image, Hinano publishes a light-hearted poster.

  60. 330ml "Bigmouth" can
    That same year, the company publishes a poster to promote the fitting of the "big mouth" opening on all cans, still with the same light-hearted spirit.
  61. 1996
  62. First Hawaiki Nui special edition cans
    Hinano introduces the first Hawaiki Nui Va'a special edition 330ml cans.
  63. Creation of the outtrigger canoe club "Hinano Hoe"
    Brasserie de Tahiti owns its own outrigger canoe club, named "Hinano Hoe".
  64. 1995
  65. The Hinano "Matahiti Api" beer
    For the New Year, the Hinano "Matahiti Api" beer has a 6% alcohol content.
  66. The Hinano "Tiurai" beer

    The Hinano "Tiurai" beer has an alcohol content of 5.5% in July-August.

  67. 1992
  68. First-time sponsor of the "Hawaiki Nui Va'a" race

    The early 90s marks a shift for Hinano in sports sponsorship.  After hobie cats, the new focus becomes the va'a (outrigger), a traditional sports very popular in French Polynesia. Hinano will be a sponsor for the famous "Hawaiki Nui Va'a" race from its first edition in 1992.

  69. From Tahiti to France
    Hinano starts exporting to France.
  70. 1991
  71. From Tahiti to Japan
    Hinano starts exporting to Japan.
  72. 1990
  73. Hinano is awarded the Gold Medal

    Hinano is awarded the Gold Medal at the 29th Sélection mondiale de la bière (International Beer Awards) in Luxembourg, then again in Brussels in 1993.

  74. First-time sponsor of the Miss Tahiti contest
    Who else could sponsor a Vahine, but another Vahine?
    Hinano becomes the official sponsor for the Miss Tahiti contest in 1990, the year that crowned Mareva Georges (she will then be elected Miss France 1991); Hinano remained their official sponsor until 2006. On the photo : Mareva Galanter, Miss Tahiti 1998

  75. Further modification of the label

    Further modification of the label: mandatory text is added, as well as an English translation.

  76. 1989
  77. Sponsoring of the "Tahiti Mondial Cat"

    Hinano intensifies its presence by sponsoring Tahiti's Yacht Club (Windsurf) and by becoming one of the major sponsors for the "Tahiti Mondial Cat".

  78. Modern version of the "Oe Hinano" song

    Andy Tupaia releases a more modern version of the "Oe Hinano" song, broadcasted on Polynesian radios.

  79. 1987
  80. The 500ml can is launched

    The success of the 330ml can in the Polynesian market will drive Brasserie de Tahiti to launch the 500ml can (16.9 U.S. fl oz), one year later.


  81. 1986
  82. Introduction of the 330ml can

    Introduction of the 330ml can (11.2 U.S. fl oz). A 2-phase teasing campaign is launched.

    It is met with immediate success among local consumers, who find this format more convenient.


  83. 1976
  84. Peddling makes way for preselling

    Peddling makes way for preselling. Orders are now recorded in advance.


  85. 1974
  86. First sports sponsorship

    First sports sponsorship at the World Hobie Cat Championship in Matavai Bay.

  87. 1973
  88. The Brasserie de Tahiti distribution network widens on the islands

    The Brasserie de Tahiti distribution network widens on the islands: Hinano sales are rising continuously.

    chargement Hinano

  89. 1970
  90. Appearance of the first advertisements in hotel magazines

    Tourists are a target of choice for the Hinano beer, a symbol of exoticism and a refreshing souvenir of their stay in the islands. Appearance of the first advertisements in hotel magazines, such as the Maeva Beach Hotel.


  91. 1967
  92. New Year's label specially printed

    First "Matahiti Api" label specially printed to mark the 1967 New Year.


  93. 1965
  94. Hinano appears on the big screen

    Hinano appears on the big screen in "Tendre Voyou" (Tender Crook) by Jean Becker, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo (original photograph by Alain Mottet). Hinano crates are visible in some scenes.


  95. 1962
  96. First modification of the label

    First modification of the label: the stars disappear and the motu is restyled. The Vahine undergoes the main changes: her face gets longer and her chest fuller. She only has 4 toes from now on. 


  97. 1960
  98. First Hinano calendar
    The first Hinano calendar is printed. This image is the work of painter Pierre Pothier, who had already designed the first Hinano label.
  99. First consumer games

    Hinano sets up its first consumer games of a promotional nature, which aim at boosting the local market.

    Consumers can find numbers hidden in bottle caps, allowing them to enter a draw.

    The many prizes to win include scooters, moped, speedboat engines…

  100. The market and the peddling activity are growing

    The market and the peddling activity are growing: a Brasserie de Tahiti driver/salesman goes from one store to another on the island and customers buy direct, without the need for pre-ordering. Once the truck is empty, the driver goes back to the plant to get more beverage supplies.

  101. 1957
  102. First Hinano paper label

    Engraved bottles are becoming too expensive to produce: tourists and consumers tend to keep them. Upon Yves Martin’s request, Pierre Pothier designs the first label inspired by Heyman’s Vahine. Behind the Vahine, a motu (small island) and a starry background appear.

    That year, the first improvements in taste are brought by Robert Ledoux and his team. In order to better suit the local taste, alcohol content is increased by modifying the wort’s boiling time, primary fermentation time and secondary fermentation time.


  103. 1955
  104. First Miss Hinano Contest

    First Miss Hinano Contest: Lauretta Van Bastolaer wins the title. The contest, organised for the beer launch, was also used for the casting of the movie “Tahiti ou la joie de vivre” (Tahiti or the Joy of Living) by Bernard Borderie, screened in 1956.

    Radio campaign:  Alain Mottet writes the song "Hinano, Hinano, c’est la bière qu’il nous faut" (Hinano, Hinano, it’s the beer we need) with a Brazilian beat: it is met with enthusiasm by Tahitians.  This theme will be covered by Yves Roche to write the song « Oe Hinano », widely broadcasted on the radio.

  105. First advertisements in the press

    First advertisements in the press.  They feature Greta (whose effigy will appear on the former FCFP 1,000 banknotes) and the singer Morito.

  106. The Hinano beer is launched during the Tiurai festivities

    The Hinano beer is launched during the Tiurai festivities (July).  At the time, its alcohol content is 4% by volume and it comes in 650ml (22 fl. oz.) bottles. Pierre Heyman’s Vahine logo, which will become famous later on, is printed on the glass.

    The bottling chain is able to produce 1,000 bottles an hour and the production reaches 15,000 hectoliters (about 396,000 gallons).

    To attract consumers, Hinano banks on bars and nightclubs with regular events at the Quinn’s, Moulin Rouge and Zizou bar.